Barnardo’s Healthy Minds Wiltshire has been funded by Wiltshire Council to improve outcomes for children and young people with emotional wellbeing and low level mental health needs.  The service provides information, advice, support and positive activities.

Who do we support?

Children and young people aged 5-18 who may be experiencing

  • low mood
  • panic, stress, worry and low level anxiety
  • problems sleeping
  • anger difficulties
  • low self-esteem
  • relationship difficulties with family or friends
  • relationship problems at school or in the community (including bullying)
  • feeling overwhelmed by pressure eg in relation to school work.

Please note we are unable to offer support to children and young people if they are already receiving support from another counselling agency or from CAMHS or have finished support within 6 weeks.

What do we offer?

On Your Mind website including webchat (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 5pm – 6pm)

Information, advice and support for young people and parents/carers including links to resources and organisations that can help with emotional wellbeing.

Decider skills course

Decider skills is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy principles.  During the course, we will work through a series of life skills together, these skills will help in understanding the different emotions we can all experience, learn new ways of tolerating our emotional distress and to develop healthier coping strategies especially around our anxieties, behaviours and low mood.

Courses for young people aged 13 and above will be delivered online, courses for children aged 12 and under are delivered either online or limited face to face in different locations in Wiltshire.  All courses are delivered after school but during school holiday timings may be more flexible.

Generally there will be 6-8 group members of similar age and emotional concerns and to get the most benefit it is important that you fully engage with the course and practise the skills taught on a regular basis.  We strongly encourage you to keep your cameras on as much as possible during the online courses.

There is also the opportunity for parents/carers to attend a Decider Skills workshop for them to find out more about the skills and how to support you.

For more information on The Decider Skills click here

Positive activities

Fun and enjoyable activities to promote the 5 steps to well-being, to find more about this click here.  Activities have included baking bread and biscuits, making bird feeders and dream catchers, a photography workshop, outdoor activities with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and own a pony for a day experience.  If you have any ideas for an activity please let us know.

Here are some photo’s of the activities:


When you meet with our highly trained specialist counsellors you are given the opportunity to discuss what is on your mind.  Our counsellors won’t look down on you or judge you about anything you tell them. If you are 13 or over we’ll ask you whether you want us to involve a parent or carer, particularly for the first session.

We can offer 6 – 8 sessions provided online, by phone or face to face (COVID 19 lockdown dependent).  All our sessions are confidential, for most people, the 6 – 8 sessions enable a trusting relationship to develop.

Our specialist counselling can help with problems that have resulted in you feeling low or worried or anxious or stressed or having problems with sleep or feeling angry or feeling bad about yourself or your relationships or any combination of these.

6 – 8 sessions of counselling can really build your wellbeing.  We work closely with CAMHS and other organisations so we can ensure you do get the support you need if our counselling is not the right support for you.

It’s true what they say – it helps to talk!

To find out more about what we can offer please use the contact form on our Contact Us page and include your phone number so we can call you to find out more about what support you need.