As we start a new year we thought it would be helpful to reflect on things that can help us improve our wellbeing. Despite the current pandemic it is important for us to acknowledge the positives in our lives and remember that this situation will pass. If we focus on positives and look after our physical health, this can help us with our emotional wellbeing too. Try following the five steps below to help re focus and boost your self-esteem and mood. Check out our website

Five steps to positive mental wellbeing:

  • Connecting with others– Keeping in touch with family and friends (in a Covid safe way) will help us feel less isolated and improve our mood.
  • Be physically active– Physical exercise helps release endorphins and helps us feel less stressed, lowers anxiety levels and improves low mood. It helps improve our sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep is vital for good concentration, learning, physical and mental wellbeing. Having a healthy diet will help us to stay both physically and mentally healthy too. and
  • Learn new skills– We are still able to learn new things safely from home, make time for projects, arts/crafts and hobbies. Virtual clubs or learning can help us gain a sense of achievement and can provide purpose and structure to our week. Ask us about any Positive Activities we may be running
  • Give to others– A kind gesture to a friend or family member, reaching out to support others can boost our self-esteem and mood. Knowing we have helped someone else can be rewarding. Or volunteering on a project or charity for example.
  • Pay attention to the present moment-(Mindfulness) Focusing on the here and now can help us if we are feeling anxious about the future. Making a plan for the day or to do list to break down activities or jobs can help. Pay attention to happy things and memories. If we only focus on the negative it can feed into a cycle of automatic negative thoughts. Focusing on nature or anything that brings us joy. Tapping into our five senses- what we can hear, see, feel, taste and smell. Try learning some breathing techniques; this helps to ground us, enabling us to feel calmer and more in touch with the present moment. cbt/

We hope that following these five simple steps will help you to improve your wellbeing and help you to focus on your own self care for a positive 2021. Maybe set yourself some self-care goals for how you will achieve better self-care for the year ahead!

Remember the current situation will pass and there is light ahead. Every cloud has a silver lining. There are links to different organization’s and details of apps which can help with implementing self-care into our daily lives, please see our website for details.

Best wishes for a healthy and peaceful new year.