Sharing Positivity

Although times are difficult at the moment it is always important to look for the positives in life.

Throughout the weeks and months that we have been in lockdown we have seen many examples of positivity, from people helping the more vulnerable members of their community to people taking time to learn new skills and develop their hobbies. This has obviously been fantastic however we are aware that there are still many people within our communities who still feel isolated.

HYPE blog

Another Barnardo’s service in the South West of England has created a blog space to help support isolated young people with mental health issues. On the HYPE blog space, young people are being invited to submit poems, paintings, photos, music, short films and top tips for coping. 

The blog aims to help share ideas which will help you maintain good mental health.

You can explore what has already been posted and submit your own ideas by visiting the blog here:

Joy Spotting

One way in which you can maintain your own mental health is by ‘Joy Spotting’. This is where you take the time to stop and notice moments or things that bring you joy throughout your day. This could be anything from seeing a flower blooming while you are out for a walk, hearing some music you enjoy, seeing an internet meme which makes you laugh or eating your favourite snack. If you take the time to stop and notice these moments of joy throughout your day, you are more likely to feel positive. You will be surprised how many moments of joy are out there once you start to take the time to stop and look.

This Won’t Be Forever

The ‘This won’t be forever’ image has also been created for Barnardo’s during this time to remind us that life will not be the way  it is forever as well as highlighting some of the things we can try and do to maintain our own mental health during this time.

We would love to hear about the ways in which you are maintaining your own mental health as well as any other images or words of hope and positivity that are making you happy right now.

You can use the image below to colour in your own version or could have a go at creating and designing a version which is more personal to you, full of all the positives in your life right now. Or you could get even more creative and share other examples of your own positivity.  If you do this we would love for you to share your creations with us so that we can share them here on You can share them with us by sending the to our email address: