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Transitions: Back to School

Returning to school after the lockdown is always going to be a challenge, we want you to know that whatever you are feeling is OK and we are sure that someone somewhere is probably feeling the same as you.

How are you feeling about going back to school?

As discussed on our Anxiety Page, the feeling of anxiety is actually a very important survival mechanism. Our bodies are programmed to feel anxiety when we feel scared or threatened, often by the unknown. When you return to school in September, there will be a lot of unknowns. Hopefully your school have kept you informed about any changes that may have happened since you have last been there. These may include smaller classes, desks being spread out, increased hygiene measures, one way systems or different lunch or break times. We understand that any changes can be scary or worrying but it is important to remember that these changes are there to keep you, your friends and your teachers safe.

That’s great! Lots of people have been off school, out of work, away from family, friends or hobbies for a long time and being able to go back to them can be exciting! You may be starting a new school, new subjects or have the opportunity to join new clubs which can be exciting. You may also be going back to the same school with the same subjects and the same clubs which can also be very exciting!

When you spend so much time away from school (or any activity) it can be hard to get motivated and focused and feel really “ready” for starting again. Think about how you feel going back to school after the usual 6 week summer holidays. Now think about how many weeks you’ve had off this year! It’s okay to feel like this. Talk to your friends, family and your teachers. Don’t feel like you have to get everything done on the first day, take small steps and hopefully you’ll start to feel focused again soon.

How can I use the 5 Ways to Wellbeing to help me with going back to school?

Reach out to your friends, peers, classmates and share how you are feeling about going back to school. We are sure that some of them will be feeling the same way. Connecting with the people who you will be spending time with at school might help you to get ready for school again. Remember to also talk to the people around you at home.

Being active and doing exercise is a great way to manage stress, worry and anxiety. This could also be a great way to meet new friends if you are joining a new school or year group. Are there any clubs you could join?

Will you be walking to school, taking the bus or going in the car? However you are getting to school, it would be a good idea to make sure you know the route, how long this will take and what you might need for your journey (For example: bus pass, face mask, money, water, comfy shoes)

We are sure that you will be doing lots of learning when you get back to school but make sure you take time to ‘switch off’ and give your brain a rest too. Think about the kinds of things you enjoy to help you relax. This might include; reading a book, watching TV, playing games, chatting with friends, meditating, yoga or colouring…

Ask your friends, classmates and even teachers how they are feeling about being back at school. They will really appreciate being asked and knowing that someone cares.

Barnardo’s have created some great ‘Back to School’ activity packs.

One is for all students returning to school and the other is specifically for students entering Year 7.

Click on the images below to have a go at one of the packs.

Click on the icons below to find some more great resources

Salisbury CAMHS Participation Group

Salisbury CAMHS Participation Group have produced a podcast with tips for going back to school.

Visit them here to find out more about the group.