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Exam stress, course work and all the worries linked to getting homework in on time can cause anxiety and stress for some young people. Don’t panic!

Talk to your tutor, student welfare officer, or manager if you are at work. Or ask to see your school counsellor if you have one. Online counselling is also available to Wiltshire’s 11-18 year olds.

Top Revision Tips

To utilise the time you have to revise, it is helpful for you to get an early start. This will save you from having to do last minute cramming and staying up all evening revising. It is also recommended to try and do revision earlier on in the day to prevent you from revising until late in the evening

It is natural to become distracted every now and then whilst revising. An effective way to overcome these distractions is by creating a routine around your distractions for example you may decide that after every hour of revision you go on your phone for 5-10 minutes

A crucial factor to effective revision is the environment around you. For most people it is important for them to find a quiet space where they are able to avoid any interruption like a library or bedroom. It is important to figure out what environment works best for you

If you are preparing for an exam, one of the most effective ways to get a feel of what the exam may be like is by completing past papers. Past papers are usually available online but if not your teacher should be able to supply you some. Past papers will also give you an indication of how the exam board would want certain questions answered

Asking people around you to test you and give feedback is a helpful way to see how much you have learned. A popular technique is when a person will have queue cards with key information and their memory of these cards are tested

Advice on how to cope with school and work