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Resources for Professionals 

There are a multitude of professionals who work with our Children and Young People – from teachers, activities leader, teaching assistants, nurses, counsellors and many more. These jobs can be busy and a lot is expected from the professional who works with children – it can feel as if you need to be a master of all topics. And while being a master of all topics is useful, it isn’t really achievable! But, to support others with their mental health doesn’t mean you have to be a master. Just a listening ear can go a long, long way. But if you are looking for more practical steps  – there are several organisations who have put together resources to share with the Children and Young People in your lives.

The Anna Freud Organisation has put together well being Toolkits both primary and secondary school children and students in HE:

Further education : Mentally Healthy Schools

Anxiety: guidance for staff in further education colleges : Mentally Healthy Schools


Creative education is a great resource for professionals working with children and young people.

They have courses and resource packs to help professionals with all kinds of things.

Check it out:

Please follow the link for resources curated by the CAMHS Team:

HOME | CAMHS Resources (

This includes useful videos, further reading, apps and self-help guides