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Connecting with others and developing relationships is important for our mental health. But relationships can be really complicated sometimes and the relationships we develop with different people in our lives often serve different purposes.

Family really can be great sources of support if you feel low, even if you don’t always see eye to eye. You might be surprised to find that they do understand how you are feeling! Think about the people that are around you who can help and remember that thoughts and feelings are important – they’re never too trivial.


Every family is different and therefore every family will have different dynamics and relationships within it. Whether you live with both your parents, just one parent, stepparents and step siblings, half siblings, foster parents, your grandparents, aunties, uncles, or cousins, you should feel loved and safe.


All families will have disagreements at times and when this happens, it is important to have someone outside of your family home to speak to, whether they are friends, wider family members or people at the school or clubs you go to. Most family disagreements will be sorted out within a short space of time but if you are ever concerned about a situation at home that is making you feel upset or stressed, especially if it is more or longer than usual, it is important to speak to someone you can trust.

Divorce and separation:

Everyone in a relationship disagrees sometimes. But when you’re hearing your parents or carers argue, it can make you worried that they might split up. Sometimes our families may separate, this may leave us with lots of different emotions and feelings, therefore it is important to find someone to talk too during this time. You may have been through your parents getting divorced at a young age, currently or even in the future, you can reach out to different agencies that will help process and talk about those emotions with you.

You maybe also find you can talk to both of you parents about how you are feeling to keep open and honest dialogue. Parents and carers can get a divorce or split up for lots of reasons, and your parents fighting doesn’t necessarily mean that they will break up. But if you’re worried, it’s important to talk about it. If your parents do decide to split up or divorce, you’re never to blame. You might worry about what happens next, but you’re not alone.


If you are a parent struggling with how to approach and support your young person, it is important to remember to keep your child at the centre of communication and considering their needs. Where possible providing stability and a frim foundation for you child to continue exploring their emotions matters. Providing strong and constant reassurance allows them to feel they can talk to you if and when they needed too.

For more information and resources, follow the link below for some parent advice and help for support young person through a family divorce:

You are not alone

It is important and helpful to know that you are not alone in your feelings and struggles, below is a blog post from another young person going through a parent divorce.

Stepfamilies and second families:

Every family can be very different from one another, a stepfamily is when two families come together. There may be times your life with your stepfamily and other times you won’t. You may feel that joining a stepfamily is exciting, you may look forward to getting closer to your new stepparent or stepsiblings, however other times it may not feel like this and it’s also okay to be worried about the future.

You may feel apprehensive about getting to know your new stepfamily, you may feel concerned you will lose touch with your other family/parent. There may be other changes that impact how you feel such as moving home, school and not feeling apart of your family.

Childline, recommends 5 main steps for settling into step famillies:

  1. Plan activities together
  2. Tell them how you feel
  3. Talk to someone you trust
  4. Let your feelings out
  5. Give things time

You can see more information, advice and resources by using the link below.

Struggling to find support?

What ever you are going through, there is support and advice at hand to help you talk and process life’s difficulties. If there is anything we have not covered, you can find even more in-depth information and advice using the link below to Childline Family and Relationships.