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Drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can have a negative effect on your emotional wellbeing, physical and mental health.

By using substances you could be putting yourself at risk or in trouble when you don’t mean to. It can also cause problems with friends and family as well as making it difficult to concentrate on school and work.

Wiltshire’s Motiv8 service helps children and young people with substance misuse issues.

  • Reduced feelings of anxiety and inhibitions, which can help you feel more sociable.
  • Alcohol can cause high blood pressure (hypertension), which increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke
  • A wide range of physical health problems, either as a result of binge drinking or from more regular drinking
  • Being involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour, eg fights, domestic violence, vandalism or theft
  • People who drink a lot of alcohol have more lung infections, are more likely to suffer collapsed lungs and can be more likely to get pneumonia.
  • Drinking above recommended limits can lead to stomach ulcers, internal bleeding and cancer
  • Alcohol dehydrates your body generally, including the skin – your body’s largest organ.
  • Anyone who drinks a lot in a short space of time can suffer alcohol poisoning. The level of alcohol gets so high that the brain’s vital functions, which include breathing control, are blocked.


People often think that if they are going through a tough time such as the loss of someone close to them, or if they are feeling stressed, then alcohol or drugs are a good solution. However, this is not the case. In fact, alcohol and drugs usually make situation worse and result in day to day life becoming even more of a challenge.


In some cases your friends may be drinking or using drugs and you may not want to. Remember that you can say no to this and you don’t have to give in to any pressure they may put on you.


It is important that you know about drugs and alcohol and the affects they can have on your mind and body. Often, people may paint a picture of drug and alcohol use being fun – not always the case! Especially if you are struggling with things going on in your life, including your health.


With a topic like this parents will be able to provide you support and advice about what is right and wrong. This is because they are likely to be speaking from past experience.

The highs and lows

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