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Are you a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic child, young person, parent or carer, affected by Covid-19? Click on the image or here for more information.

The advice on this page is aimed at young people in KS3 education and above. If you are looking for advice for younger children please see our page for parents and carers.

This video provides advice for young people about managing their mental health and well-being during the Coronavirus situation.

Living with worry or anxiety in uncertain times

It is normal to have worries or to feel anxious from time to time, especially now when so many aspects of normal life are being impacted by Coronavirus. If you are feeling worried or anxious at this time it is important that you do what you can to help improve your mental health and well-being. 

  • The Young Minds website has lots of useful information and advice for what you can do if you are feeling anxious about the Coronavirus.
  • The World Health Organisation has produced this poster, which gives some clear pieces of advice about how to cope with stress during the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • BBC Bitesize along with Kadra Abdinasir, Head of Children and Young People’s Mental Health at The Centre for Mental Health in the UK, have created some advice tailored to some of the specific worries that you may be feeling at this time.
  • Childline has lots of articles and information about anxiety and finding ways to look after yourself and your well-being.
  • In particular their Calm Zone has lots of tools to help you express your feelings and activities to help you feel calm. 

Look after yourself

A useful way to improve your well-being is by practising self-care. Self-care is about the different things that we do to make ourselves feel better and this looks different for everyone.  This website has a selection of self-care strategy suggestions which you could explore for ideas to find what helps improve your mental well-being. 

Now may be a good time to try some Apps which are designed to relieve anxiety and boost your mental health. Here is a list of some you may find helpful.

You may be feeling frustrated or disappointed that you will no longer be able to take the exams you had worked hard to prepare for. Whilst you are at home instead of school this may give you the opportunity to learn more about things that you find interesting. There are courses available on Future Learn and Bitesize has lots of learning resources to complement the learning you will have done at school.