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Getting along with others is not always easy, even if they are friends or family members.

If you are being bullied then that can cause lot of unhappiness, stress and anxiety and you might feel isolated and lonely. Bullying might take place at school, clubs, work and can even happen online via messaging, social networking and gaming. This is known as cyber-bullying. Bullying can be when people hurt you physically, say nasty things, or post comments online. Bullying can be anything that hurts or upsets you and makes you feel sad or lonely.

Bullying is never OK. Tell someone if you can. A tutor or pastoral manager can support you if you are school.

Hear from young people in Wiltshire about their experiences of bullying

Wiltshire’s young people are standing together against bullying. They have come together to launch an anti-bullying charter which encourages everyone to take responsibility for bullying behaviour and to work together to tackle the causes and effects of bullying.

Laura Mayes, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said, ‘This charter is a clear response and action plan to recognise bullying and how it can be prevented. I would like to congratulate the young people on creating this key work which sets out very clearly how behaviours and working together can stamp out a problem which can have a devastating impact on people’s lives not only at schools but in the future’.

Wiltshire Council works on a number of anti-bullying programmes, including partnering with the national Anti-Bulling Alliance and has encouraged a number of Wiltshire schools to become SEN Disability Champions tackling bullying together.

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We encourage you to spread the word on this anti-bullying charter to get more people involved


Bullies require attention from their victims so being able to walk away and show no interest in what they are doing shows that you are the person in control of yourself.


If you are being bullied and don’t report it then the bullying behaviour will continue. Report any bullying behaviour, in whatever form, to an adult such as a teacher or parent so that they can help you in the most appropriate way.


In no case should you resort to similar behaviours as the bully, this gives them control over you and cannot help your situation.


Cyberbullying is just as bad as bullying face to face but is easier to control in some ways. If you find yourself being harassed by people online the best thing to do is simply ignore their messages and do not respond; most technology now allows you to block any contacts, restricting them from ever messaging you again.

Advice on all kinds of bullying

How to stop bullying

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