Project Description

Anger is one of the many emotions that we all can feel from time to time. It’s ok to feel angry at times, sometimes it is very justified to be angry at a situation, person  or event.

It is more about how we express our anger which can cause us and other people problems.

If we express our anger in ways which can hurt ourselves and other people (including property) then that can be a big problem.

If we ignore our anger or bottle it up, that too can cause problems, with making our mental health issues worse contributing to anxiety, low mood and low self-esteem.

Why might we feel angry ?

There may be many reasons why we might feel angry – it can be very individual how we respond to whatever is happening in our lives but here are some common reasons;

So what can we do about it?

Getting in touch and recognising our different emotions can be a great first step- for example you could look at doing the Decider Skills course – this is about helping us to understand our emotions, develop emotional regulation and learn healthier coping strategies

Other resources

There are lots of helpful information, short films and advice on this website

The Children society also has some helpful advice and resources to help manage your anger so it doesn’t get out of control


For parents/carers there is advice available from the NHS on helping manage your child’s anger

And from

Books which may help with lots of different emotions and feelings