Play day takes place every year on the first Wednesday in August and its purpose is to promote the importance of Play in children’s lives.

This year’s theme aims to highlight that play is for everyone- something we would strongly agree with

  • Play happens everywhere, every day, and is the right of every child and young person.
  • Play is essential for children and young people’s physical and mental health.
  • Play allows children and young people to make friends, develop relationships, and have fun together.
  • Play enables children and young people to feel connected to their communities, leading to happier communities for all.
  • Play has an important role in helping children and young people cope with stress and anxiety, deal with challenges, and make sense of what’s happening around them.

To find out more visit

Here are some ideas from their website to help you with any impromptu play day events

  1. Blankets + chairs= great for making tents and dens
  2. Water + washing-up liquid + tarpaulin= homemade water slide
  3. Water balloons + super soaker water guns= the great neighbourhood water fight!
  4. Large piece of rope = a tug-of-war challenge
  5. Bags of sand + buckets = bring the beach to you
  6. Hula hoops + skipping ropes + balls = always fun and great exercise
  7. Picnic treats = food to fuel creative energy

We would say that every day needs to have some play in it for children, young people and adults alike so whatever play you do we hope you have a lot of fun 😊