This page is designed to offer practical information, advice and signposting to help parents and carers support their children with their emotional health and well being.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service

We will work as hard as we can to support your child as soon as we receive their referral.  We do our best to keep you updated and will keep in contact with you and your child whilst waiting and we welcome any contact from yourself.  We are an all year round service and so our support does not stop in school holidays.

We offer a range of support for children and young people, this can be:

Decider skills – a programme based on cognitive-behavioural therapy to build skills and strategies for children and young people and their families.  Groups will be delivered for primary aged and secondary aged children and young people to build resilience and wellbeing

Counselling –  is short term which can help with problems that have resulted in your child feeling, low, worried, anxious, stressed, having problems with sleep, feeling angry or feeling bad about themselves, their relationships or any combination of these.  We have found 6-8 sessions can really build their wellbeing.

Please note we are unable to offer support to children and young people if they are already receiving support from another counselling agency or from CAMHS or have finished support within 6 weeks. We are also an all year round service and so our support does not stop in school holidays.

Positive activities – activities, co designed with young people, delivered in partnership with other Wiltshire services and promote the 5 steps to wellbeing.

We are committed to the CSSO approach (Child Directed Systems Focussed Strengths Based Outcome Informed) in practice this means your child is central to everything we do, we work with their wider support network and we focus on their strengths, what they can do rather than what they can’t do and really value their feedback.  All our sessions are private to the child/young person as trust is crucial in the success of our support.  We would encourage you respect their privacy but please be assured if there is any risk we will make sure everyone is safe.  For further information about safeguarding please click here to read our safeguarding statement and to find out how we use your information please click here to read our privacy statement.

This is a free service run by Barnardo’s Healthy Minds Wiltshire and commissioned by Wiltshire Council.

Our support is based on getting consent from children and young people as we know that it works best if they agree to work with us.  If you think your child would benefit from our support, please talk to them and get their permission.  If your child or young person is not yet in a position where they are ready to work with us, we would encourage you to access our website’s blog posts, signposting to other resources, videos, apps and book recommendations on our website.

We work with all children and young people aged from 5 to 18. This includes young people who are in their 18th birthday year. However, once a young person is near approaching their 19th birthday we would encourage you to access adult services. For children aged 0 to 5, it is best to seek help, advice and support from Early Years Professionals, including health visitors, nursery teachers or paediatric health professionals, more information can be found here.

Other useful websites

Below are links where you can find more information about supporting your child’s mental health as well as information about available local support.