The theme is Loneliness

Sometimes our lives can feel full on and it can be quite challenging to cope with everything we think we need to do – sometimes we forget to take some time to connect with others and to be aware that all of us can feel lonely at times.

We can be lonely in our bedroom, avoiding everyone and everything.

We can be lonely within a crowd, feeling that we have little to contribute.

We can feel isolated particularly if we are very low, anxious and have low self-confidence, and so we often avoid meeting people in school, or in social groups and this can increase our sense of loneliness

Loneliness can have a big impact on our mental wellbeing and it can be really difficult to reach out to others and ask for support or offer support to anyone else

We would encourage you to think about what support you need for yourself and what support can you give to others

This is part of the NHS 5 steps to Wellbeing which includes connecting to others so what can you do to help yourself and to help others?

How about looking at a therapeutic positive activity with our service?

What about exploring volunteering opportunities with organisations such as Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Healthwatch Wiltshire, and the many other great voluntary organisations that can offer friendship, support and positive experiences as well as connecting to others?

How about getting involved in a local group in your school or community?

What about taking part in activities which give you a sense of wellbeing and interest such as sports, arts and crafts, animals and wildlife- whatever your interest, so that you can meet with other people who also share your passion and interest and maybe you won’t feel quite so alone?

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