The Summer Holidays is nearly upon us – that brings with it a chance for relaxation, time with friends and hopefully time spent in the sun. Summer marks transitions for all of us and for GCSE & A Levels students this time of year brings with it a smidge (or maybe a lot!) of anxiety about the next steps. You may be experiencing guilt about your efforts, panic about ‘that’ question and if you answered it correctly, or worrying about the future. ALL of these feelings are totally okay and valid. Exams and waiting for those results is a really stressful experience.

With exactly a month to go before GCSE Results are in (12th of August), and just under a month for A Level Results day (10th of August) we thought we’d write a short blog posts about:

  1. Some tips for managing Exam Results Anxiety (see the picture as featured on this post) and this great link from Young Minds below:

  1. Some links for ‘Alternative Options’  if things don’t go the way you had planned. Sometimes unexpected events turn into the most fruitful. You will find tips and advice on careers below.