It’s important to get the right help with mental health and emotional wellbeing at a time when it’s needed. The information below provides a list of services which offer / provide support to families, children and young people from conception through to 19 years. They fall under the headings of Coping, Getting Help, Getting More Help, Getting Risk Support.
Everybody needs support at some point in their lives – On Your Mind is here to help. If you have any questions about the services available you can contact us directly in a number of ways by clicking here.


On Your Mind website : Information for children, young people, parents and carers including links to resources and organisations that can support with emotional wellbeing.

Anti-Bullying Alliance website : Provides tools and information, including support around cyber, sexual and gender related bullying

Epic Friends website : To support children and young people to help their friends who might be struggling to cope emotionally

GP: Advice and support from your local GP here

School Nursing Service provides early help and support through a range of skilled activities at individual, group and community level. This includes:

  • Health promotion and advice
  • Supporting whole school approach to identified health needs
  • Initial 1:1 holistic assessment of health needs and priority setting with individual young people
  • Brief intervention (individual or group)- Virtual and face to face as required
  • Signposting to other services

School nurses work in partnership with other agencies as part of a wider multidisciplinary team to support the health and wellbeing of school-aged children recognising the dynamic process of interaction between the child, the family, the child in school and the child in the community. There is also support for secondary school aged young people via CHAT Health confidential texting service – Monday to Friday 9.00-4.30 Text: 07480 635513 or via a virtual drop-in Monday to Friday 12-2pm Telephone: 0300 247 0090

Mental Health apps : The NHS have produced a library of mental health apps and digital tools

The Behaviour Support Service : The Behaviour Support Service (BSS) works with Wiltshire Primary Schools to provide support for all pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH). This includes training and surgeries to school staff, as well as running parent workshops.

Five to Thrive: An approach based on neuroscience and adopted across the children and young people’s workforce to promote healthy attachment and early braining development; to maintain optimum brain function; and to support recovery from trauma

Best Start in Life Toolkit: This toolkit provides clear, simple key messages to promote positive health and wellbeing in its widest sense to support children in Wiltshire to have the Best Start in Life – including emotional health. The information is relevant from conception through to 5 years and recognises that health and wellbeing is influenced by a range of individual, community and environmental factors.

Webster Stratton IY: Parenting support and how parenting impacts upon a child’s wellbeing

Mum2Mum : in a relaxed, welcoming environment (both virtual and in-person) located in the community with trained breastfeeding peer supporters– breastfeeding promotes secure attachment

Education Welfare service : Provide a service to schools to support them in raising attendance and improving punctuality.

Being a Parent (EPEC): Parenting course for parents of children aged 2 – 5 years. Currently being offered online via Microsoft TEAMS in 9 one-hour sessions. ‘Parents learn communication skills for everyday life to bring up confident, happy and cooperative children’. For more information contact: 01722 414 301.

Triple P parenting courses: Wiltshire Council are running Triple P parenting courses across Wiltshire to help parents make small changes that will have a positive long-term impact. Triple P supports parents and carers to encourage desirable behaviour, understand & manage undesirable behaviour, have realistic expectations, gain confidence in their parenting and how to take care of themselves as parents & carers. This is a 7-week, free course for families with children up to age 5-12 years. Courses run term time only. Facilitators are qualified Triple P Practitioners and DBS checked. Virtual courses starting autumn 2020. Contact Claire Turner at or call 07767 230 082.

STOP Parenting Programme: is a 10-week parenting course for parents and carers of teens. The course supports parents and carers to understand their child/young person (and how their brain works) better; strengthen their relationship with them; develop new and positive parenting skills; learn how to manage conflict and risk-taking behaviour successfully; build resilience, and healthy emotional wellbeing in their child/young person. Contact Linda McCann on 01865 903777 or 07920 233046 or email

5 steps to wellbeing : Evidence suggests there are 5 steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing.