World Autism Acceptance week 28 March- 3rd April

This week is World Autism Acceptance week. It’s really important as we can all focus on raising awareness of Autism and supporting autistic young people to be more accepted in our society

As the National Autistic Society says

‘No-one should feel judged for being autistic or have to wait many months or even years for a potentially life changing diagnosis, vital help and support. We need society to change. Autistic children, adults, and their families just want to be understood, supported and accepted in their communities, schools and workplaces.’

To find out more facts and to break down some common misconceptions please go to

If you would like to have more support and information there are several organisations which might be of interest

Wiltshire Autism Hub

Wiltshire Parent Carer Council

The Girl with the Curly Hair

The Daisy Chain Project