We have been looking at ways to reduce stress and improve wellbeing through organising some Positive Activities for our community which are always designed around the NHS 5 ways to wellbeing.

At our one of our online art activities the young people made self-soothing kits. We learnt about the Decider Skill “Soothe” which helps us to tap into our five senses- sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. This helps us to feel grounded and calm.  The young people decorated their self soothe boxes and filled them with calming things that link to their five senses, by taking part in a fun scavenger hunt! We also learnt how to use a worry jar to manage negative thoughts and worries. We chose some positive quotes to include in our self-soothing kits to help remind us of positives.

Mindfulness is an effective way to manage stress and improve wellbeing. There are some helpful tips on the Young Minds website. There is also a video which explains how to make self-soothing kits and some tips on what to include, click here to find out more.

Another wellbeing art activity focused on how we can use sound to help self soothe and the young people taking part made their own windchimes.  We used different materials such as shells and chimes to make the windchimes and thought about our favourite places where we could collect other items to add to the wind chimes to help with mindfulness listening.

We have also baked hot cross buns this month where we have used other senses such as touch (kneading the dough), smell (all the lovely ingredients) and taste (eating the buns) to also help with managing stress and being more aware of our wellbeing.

How will you manage your wellbeing and  help to de-stress?

For further information you can visit Young Minds website

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Parents and carers click here