World Earth Day 22.04.2022

Our final Positive Activity of the busy Easter Holidays was a yoga workshop with Lucia from Clearlight Yoga 🧘‍♀️ to celebrate World Earth Day 🌎

Lucia planned the session around World Earth Day 🌎 so that we were able to reflect on our planet, how we look after it and give thanks to all the wonderful creatures we are lucky to share the world with 🐞

The children got to learn and practice the following yoga poses:
🌳 tree pose
💫 star pose
🐝 hero bumble bee pose
🏔 mountain pose
🐶 dog pose
☀️ sun salutations
🌬 all the while, practicing our breathing

We also finished with a relaxing meditation which set our Fridays off to a wonderful start ☺️

All of our Positive Activities are designed around the NHS 5 Ways to Well-being;

👋 Stay Connected
📚 Keep Learning
🌱 Take Notice
🤸‍♀️ Be Active
🎁 Give