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School and work

Exam stress, course work and all the worries linked to getting homework in on time can cause anxiety. Don’t panic!

Talk to your tutor, student welfare officer, or manager if you are at work. Or ask to see your school counsellor if you have one. Online counselling is also available to Wiltshire’s 11-18 year olds.


If you have a big 2000 word essay to complete that is due in two weeks, you may find yourself being more productive if you break the work up instead of trying to complete the entire essay in one day; putting yourself under a lot of pressure like this can cause great stress. Try an alternative which could be to spend 30 minutes each day working on the essay.

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It is not a good idea to avoid doing work until the last minute – this could be essays, projects or revision for exams. Working in this way can result in you becoming overwhelmed and extremely stressed. To avoid this feeling it’s recommended that you start homework and revision as soon as possible, meaning you will be a lot less stressed and a lot more in control when the deadline or exam is approaching.


If school work is becoming too much and causing too much stress, your school counsellor will be able to provide support and advice for you to be able to cope and stay healthy. You may find they have great suggestions of being able to cope with school work and stress such as after-school booster lessons where you could also revise and do homework.


It’s suggested that 12-18 year olds should sleep at least 8.5 – 10 hours a day. Maintaining a healthy sleep pattern can be extremely beneficial as it enables you to be more focused during the day – meaning you’ll be more productive and more motivated to do work, making it more likely you will get better grades and be less stressed.

Advice on how to cope with school and work

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