Signposts children and young people in Wiltshire to sources of support for good mental health and emotional wellbeing

Living in care

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Living in Care

Being a looked after child or a care leaver can make you feel confused, isolated and not sure who to turn to for support.

If you are looked after in foster care, a residential unit or by another family member there are people who should be supporting you. These include your Social Worker and Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO). If you are a care leaver, or soon to leave care, then your Personal Adviser is there to help.

If you are unhappy with the service the Council has given you, you have a right to complain. We do our best to and resolve problems quickly and fairly. Email or call 01225 718400.

The Mind of My Own (MOMO) app is for you to download and use to communicate with people in the team. You can choose who you communicate with on MOMO – it’s easy to use and really useful. If you are worried about something, like a meeting that is coming up, or if you want to complain about something you can use MOMO or you can contact our advocacy service. Advocacy is when a specially trained person, who is there just for you, helps you to get your voice heard. For more information, visit