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Everyone gets anxious sometimes

When does an ordinary worry become a problem? This is called anxiety. It’s normal to feel anxious when we face something new or that frightens us. You might recognise the signs of anxiety when your heart starts beating faster and your breathing speeds up. Anxiety may build when you are about to start something new (a new year group, a new school), when exam time is approaching or when something goes wrong with friendships. Look after yourself and anxiety can pass.

How can I reduce my anxious feelings?

The pastoral support team at school should be able to support and direct you in the right way – you may have a school counsellor that you get speak with. Your GP can also talk to you about taking care of yourself to manage anxiety.

Regular healthy eating is essential for general wellbeing. Loss of appetite and weight loss, or sometimes overeating and weight gain, can be a sign that depression is interfering with the healthy eating habits essential for maintenance of healthy mood levels.

Crying serves a very useful purpose – stress hormones are released through tears. However, if you find yourself crying much more than usual for no clear reasons it may be a sign that depression is at work.

Everyone feels sad sometimes, has an anxious moment, or has a day when things feel a bit empty or low. However, when depression invades it seems to keep you feeling persistently sad, low, anxious or empty. Some people feel a combination of these four feelings. Others feel predominantly one of them.

There are many uncertainties in life and things that cannot be controlled, yet many cultures emphasise the importance of individuals having “control” over their lives. Having bad things happen and not being able to prevent them can then leave someone vulnerable to the generalised feeling of helplessness that depression feeds on and perpetuates.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great way to reduce anxious feelings, for example eating regularly and having a good sleep pattern. Sometimes, it may be tempting to try and cope with depression or anxiety by using drugs and alcohol, but this will usually make the situation worse.


When you are having anxious feelings it is beneficial to give yourself some time out and do something you enjoy; this could be watching TV, listening to music or even playing games.


Being able to identify the causes of anxious feelings, or panic attacks, is extremely important. If you can work out what causes you to experience these feelings then try and put things in place to help you avoid the triggers.


Discussing your feelings with friends and family could go a long way as they may be able to provide you with some solutions and support. There are also other services, such as counselling, that can provide support for you and give you someone to talk to who really wants to listen.

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