Parents and carers

The role of being a parent or carer can be a difficult one and it’s often hard to know if we’re doing the right thing.

To help your child stay healthy, try and ensure that they

  • eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • get enough regular sleep
  • are physically active and busy
  • don’t have too much ‘screen time’ and the time they do have on devices is age-appropriate and safe
  • have a chance to talk to someone openly and regularly about how they are doing and what’s going on for them.

If your child is struggling with any of the above then it may be an indication that something or someone has upset them, or that they are finding things difficult to cope with.

Support is available from your GP, the pastoral team at your child’s school, the school health nurse, and or health visitor/Children’s Centre (for those with under 5s)

For help that is more targeted towards understanding positive mental health and wellbeing contact

Young Minds Parents’ Helpline  0808 802 5544